We help our community respond to domestic violence by creating opportunities to learn about effective individual and institutional responses to survivors, batterers and children who experience domestic violence.


We can prevent domestic violence by promoting healthy, equitable relationships. We help our community think about the conversation related to domestic violence through the lens of promoting healthy, equitable relationships.


We create opportunities for people who care about these issues to connect with each other and with other organizations promoting this work.

We serve as a diverse, inclusive organization to promote a culture of healthy, equitable relationships through education, conversation, and community.

Upcoming Events

MCDVC Meeting - Canceled for social distancing

When: Friday, March 20 3 - 4:30
Where: MISD Educational Building (44001 Garfield Rd, Clinton Twp MI)
Registration: None! All are welcome!

Topic: The Domestic Violence Consultation and Technical Assistance Team of Macomb County's Human Services Coordinating Body

Why Do They Stay? - Canceled for social distancing

When: Friday, March 27 10am - 12noon
Where: Macomb Community College Center Campus Library

Many of us have felt helpless while someone - a student, client, loved one or neighbor - stayed in an abusive relationship. Stop spinning your wheels and start making a difference. In this workshop we'll learn the most effective strategies to support people being abused and hold perpetrators accountable. 

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify key indicators of domestic violence
  • Define the key philosophy guiding effective interventions
  • Describe and effective intervention for someone experiencing domestic violence


When: Friday, April 24 10am - 12noon
Where: Macomb Community College Center Campus Library

Consent has become a buzzword for those seeking to address sexual assault on campus and in the larger community. But what does it mean? How does it work? Why is everyone so confused about consent? Through a workshop approach, we will examine the concept of consent together through practical examples and skill development. Participants can expect to deepen their own knowledge of consent and walk away with strategies to better practice consent in their own lives. Participants will be able to

  • Describe two key conflicting messages of consent
  • Define affirmative consent
  • Identify personal practices to promote a culture of consent




Our Work


Macomb Community College

MI Network

Domestic Violence Counsultation and Technical Assistance Team (DVCTAT of HSCB)

Macomb County Strangulation Response Team

Reports and Protocols


"One of the best trainings to improve professional identity and competence. [It] created the sense of empowerment to make ethical decisions for the wellbeing of clients."

Participant in The Ethics of Responding to Survivors of Domestic Violence and Their Children

About Us

What does the Macomb Community Domestic Violence Council do?

At the MCDVC, we believe in giving people the tools they need to create healthy, safe and fair relationships within their circle of friends, family and co-workers. We use meetings, trainings, and workgroups to create a coordinated community response to domestic violence and to offer opportunities for professional discourse and networking. 

Our Mission is to develop and sustain a coordinated, broad based community response to domestic violence, to use all available community resources to eliminate domestic violence, and to support a comprehensive network of direct interventions and services for victims.

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