We help our community respond to domestic violence by creating opportunities to learn about effective individual and institutional responses to survivors, batterers and children who experience domestic violence.


We can prevent domestic violence by promoting healthy, equitable relationships. We help our community think about the conversation related to domestic violence through the lens of promoting healthy, equitable relationships.


We create opportunities for people who care about these issues to connect with each other and with other organizations promoting this work.

We serve as a diverse, inclusive organization to promote a culture of healthy, equitable relationships through education, conversation, and community.

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MCDVC January Meeting

Friday, January 22 from 3:00 - 4:00 on Zoom
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Topic: Sexual Health for Survivors of Domestic Violence
Sexual health is a natural part of each person. Experiencing domestic violence can temporarily interrupt access to our healthy sexuality, but healing is possible. It is important to understand how other parts of our life impact our ability to be and accept ourselves as healthy sexual beings. 

Presenter: Jessica Ross, LPC, NCC, CCTP, CST

Jessica Ross is founder and clinical director of JR Counseling. Jessica is a trained psychotherapist specializing in sexual fuctioning and trauma, respectively. She is a social justice advocate, LGBTQIA allied, and community focused. Jessica is committed to community education, specficially targeting sexual health throughout the lifespan, human trafficking, domestic violence, long-term trauma implications in adulthood, attachment narratives, and resliency in mental health.





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Macomb Community College

MI Network

Domestic Violence Counsultation and Technical Assistance Team (DVCTAT of HSCB)

Macomb County Strangulation Response Team

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"One of the best trainings to improve professional identity and competence. [It] created the sense of empowerment to make ethical decisions for the wellbeing of clients."

Participant in The Ethics of Responding to Survivors of Domestic Violence and Their Children

About Us

What does the Macomb Community Domestic Violence Council do?

At the MCDVC, we believe in giving people the tools they need to create healthy, safe and fair relationships within their circle of friends, family and co-workers. We use meetings, trainings, and workgroups to create a coordinated community response to domestic violence and to offer opportunities for professional discourse and networking. 

Our Mission is to develop and sustain a coordinated, broad based community response to domestic violence, to use all available community resources to eliminate domestic violence, and to support a comprehensive network of direct interventions and services for victims.

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